A number of model kits exist and numerous projects are in work. These are links to some of them.


* out of print

  • SAN*
  • SFMA*
  • Comet*
  • Wilco!*
  • Lunar*

Moebius 1:32

3D Model

Moebius 1:32 Upgrade Parts

Crow's Nest 1:48

1:32 Lunar Models

1:14 RC

Photos courtesy of Jörg_Winkelmann


Photos courtesy of Mark Myers

Photos courtesy of Rob McFarlane

Photos courtesy of David Gamble

Photos courtesy of Richard Teskey

Photos courtesy of Jim Shultz

Special thanks to:

Jeff Bond, Phil Broad, Doug Drexler, David Gamble, Drew Huffman, Gary Kerr, Rob McFarlane, Richard Tesky, Mark Myers, Jim Shultz, Jörg Winkelmann

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