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A n i m a t i o n
Realistic Fire in trueSpace

E n v i r o n m e n t
VRML (VRML97 archives)

Candle light
Lights, Camera, Render!
Lights, Shadows and Feelings
List of Techniques

M a t e r i a l s
Getting Started With Surfacing
Good Enough to Eat
Jungle 2D & 3D (Painter, Paint Shop Pro)
More About Surfacing

M o d e l i n g
Creature Modeling tut #1
DUNE (10 tuts concluding in a montage in Photoshop) (French)
Get Primitive
List of Facial Animation Resources
Low-Polygon Modeling - Head (Nendo)
Macrosweep - useful for pipes, vines & snakes
Making Stairs (tS5)
MetaMuscles (tS5 video )
Modeling Like The Pros
Modeling, Modeling
NURBS Head Modeling (Softimage, Alias, Rhinoceros)
Orthographic Camera
Placing Text Around a Sphere
Planet Rings
Simple Star Trek Ship Tutorial 1 - Federation class
Simple Star Trek Ship Tutorial 3 - Klingon class

R e n d e r i n g
Radiosity tests

O t h e r s
3D Animation Workshop almost 70 lessons for 3D artists
3D Printer stereolithography
Extensive List of trueSpace Tips
Getting around in trueSpace 5 & 6 (beginners, learn how to navigate in tS)
21 part Introduction to trueSpace 3.2
tutorialfind - tutorial search engine