Placing Text Around a Sphere
This tutorial requires the user to have a basic knowledge of the interface for trueSpace 3. I beleive that these steps will work in tS2 as well. I have been told that tS1 doesn't have all of these tools.

Step 1
Make a sphere Add Sphere and put some text Add Verticle Text in front of it.
Step 2
Choose the Move Down in Hierarchy "Move Down in Hierarchy" icon (in the "Navigation Group") to allow you to isolate each letter.
Chose the Unglue "Unglue" icon (in the "Edit Group") on each letter to detach it from the word.
Step 3
Choose the Show Axes "Show Axes" icon (in the "Utilities Group") to display the axis of the first letter.  You will notice that the axis is at the lower left of the letter.
Step 4
Select the Move Axies to Center of Object "Move Axes to Center of Object" icon to move the letter's axis to a more manageable position then it was born with.
Step 5
Choose Normalize Rotation "Normalize Rotation" to align the axis to the XYZ coordinates of tS's world.
Step 6
Right click on the Object Tool "Object Tool" (the arrow in the "Navigation Group") to display the  "Object Info" dialog box.
Input a location value for the "X" field that approximates the location of the center of your sphere.
Step 7
Choose Show Axes "Show Axes" button again to hide the letter's axis.
Step 8
Repeat steps 3 - 7 for each letter.
Step 9
Select the first letter and input an location value in the "Y" field of the "Object Info" box that matches the "Y" location of your sphere. The letter will move over to overlap some of your other letters, don't panic.
Step 10
Using the "Object Info" box again, enter a "Z" rotation value that moves your letter to a nice position around the sphere (this is subjective and probably will need to be tweaked for manual kerning later).
Step 11
Repeat steps 9 & 10 for each letter.
Step 12
Tweak rotation values until spacing is nice.
Step 13
Apply some textures and render Render to Screen it!!!
Last Modified February 11, 2014
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