coolpowers4 (cp4) is made up of a multiple-tool tSX (plugin) with its own toolbar (below), and several material and global shaders. Simon Windmill has made cp4 available for free, through Moonman's trueSpace Resources.

cp4 requires Caligari's trueSpace 5.1

(see notes at bottom of page about using cp4 with tS4.3)

Download cp4 now (2.19mb)

null - non rendered "target object"
light panel - light manager
swappo - source/target object swapping
slide - scales objects on a vertex level

Material Shaders
texadjust - extra texture/bump parameters   catcher - like the shadow catcher function in tS5, adds reflections and more options
material id - selective filtering      

Global Shaders
background - background image control   bloom - for highlights that glow
fog - parameters like tS5   glow - "real" glow, around edges of objects
motrail id - utility shader for use with glow, among others   postgame - post-render image viewer like tS5 PostProcess Editor

Notes on using cp4 with trueSpace 4.3 - The global shaders in cp4 work with tS4.3 (except "wfmm background" which renders plain red). If you already have some wfmm shaders that use "material id" shader (such as "wfmm toon up pro") you'll need to reinstall it because CP4 installs a newer version of "material id" incompatible with tS4.3.

cp4 is made available AS IS with no technical support or warrantees expressed or implied. Use at your own risk.
©1999 windmill fraser multimedia, inc.